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Elan XL-Ring Drums are based on world's most popular and accepted designs and continue to win appreciation among users in the Middle East.

  • Drum designed for chemical packaging.
     Matching dimensions and specifications used worldwide.
  • Drum designed for Lube Oil packaging.
     Matching dimensions and strength of steel drum without compromising on container stuffing.




  • Better alternative to Metal Drums.
  • No rusting or corrosion.
  • No product contamination.
  • Single blow moulded piece, no welds, no joints.
  • Lower tare weight but higher in performance.
  • Optimum shipping container utilization.
  • 2 uniform openings of 70 mm
    Other Features
  • Extended XL-Ring at the top and bottom for easy handling.
  • Liquid tight sealing, 100% leak-proof.
  • Internationally accepted design.
  • Sealing facility at the openings.
  • Cost-effective size options of 235 litres and 245 litres available.
Model Dia (mm) Height (mm)
INM-120 Ltr 495 785
INM-150 Ltr 495 975
INM-210 Ltr 590 885
INM-220 Ltr 590 940
INM-245 Ltr 590 1025
IOT-120 Ltr 495 785
IOT-150 Ltr 495 975
IOT-210 Ltr 590 945
IOT-245 Ltr 590 1030
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Optimum Emptying
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