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Élan incorporated FZE located in the free trade export SAIF Zone, Sharjah is an established player in the field of Industrial packaging. The company's product range covers blow molded packaging including large size 200/235 litre drums, medium and small size packaging and pails. The company has state-of-art production facility at Sharjah, employing stringent quality control systems. 

Élan Incorporated FZE is a part of a multinational group, Time Tech, which brings you the world's most popular designs at your doorstep and promises to update you the with latest packaging products continually.

    Press Release & Announcement
Innovative Plastic Manufacturing Co., Al Khobar, KSA, who is engaged in manufacturing among other things Industrial Packaging products has decided to focus on their core business. Innovative has, therefore, sold all their assets concerning Industrial Packaging to a newly formed Al Nour Plastic Industrial Company, (Al Nour) incorporated in KSA.

Industrial Packaging

Elan XL-Ring Drums are based on world's most popular and accepted designs and continue to win appreciation among users in the Middle East.

Time Technoplast Ltd (Time Tech) is a leading polymer products Multinational Company with operations in India, UAE, Thailand, Poland, Romania, Taiwan and New ventures in China, South Corea, Egypt and Indonesia. The Company caters to business segments which include industrial packaging, lifestyle, automotive, composity cylinders, material handling, healthcare and infrastructure.

Time tech is a large manufacturer of big size drums and also has experience in varied rigid industrial packaging products including tight head drums, open top drums, wide mouth drums, composite cylinders, jerricans, plastic pails and even metal and composite drums. Products range also includes 1000 litre IBC systems and returnable packaging.

Time Tech group operates more than 40 production facilities in 8 countries and is recognized for its innovative plastic products.


Stringent quality control systems in place guarentee products of high quality standards conforming to international UN norms meant for packaging of hazardous goods.

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